DIY Easter Bonnet Hat….This craft will keep the kids busy

Easter Bonnet Step 7 finished product

Ok so in all honesty these hats were an ¬†activity for a tea party we had last summer but with Easter around the corner this is a great way to get the kids crafting and having fun.. It’s great for all age groups because you can tailor it with a range of accessories for different abilities.. As you can see by the picture above this lovely group of party goers ages ranged from 4-10 years old..

Supplies Needed

1. Paper Bowls/Plates (I prefer bowls but if you can’t find them plates will do)

2. Tissue Paper: Various colors and patterns

3. All Purpose Glue / sponge brushes to apply (find at Dollar Store)

4. Hair Bands (find packs at dollar store)

5. Scissors

6. Streamers, Stickers, Feathers, sequins, paper and punches (anything to decorate your bonnet)

Step 1

Easter Bonnet Step 1

Using your scissors puncture two slits on your paper bowls. They should be approximately an inch apart. Then thread your hair band through your paper bowl as shown above. This step is important so that the kids can run around and play and their hats will stay secure throughout the party

Step 2

Easter Bonnet Step 2 A

Easter Bonnet Step 2

Cover the paper bowl in glue…let the kids do this if they can it’s all a part of the fun.. Smaller children may need some assistance in this step

Step 3Easter Bonnet Step 3

Cover paper bowl with your choice of tissue paper.. Use one whole sheet of tissue paper and get creative with rolling your excess tissue paper up around the bowl or leave it hanging. That’s the greatest part for the kids..each one is unique and different

Step 4

Easter Bonnet Step 4

Easter Bonnet Step 4 b

This is the fun part…decorate your Easter bonnet. For this we used a variety of sticker packs, feathers, tissue paper and streamers. The streamers were great for adding a train to your bonnet. The stickers are perfect for the smaller kids to be able to decorate on their own with little assistance

Easter Bonnet Step 5

Easter Bonnet Step 6

These hats are really easy to make and I can honestly say that all the girls had a great time decorating and modeling their new hats!!! They look positively adorable!!

Easter Bonnet Step 7 A finished product

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