Featured On CityLine….Loot bags and more

I really had a dream come true yesterday!! Seeing my work on national television..Excited doesn’t even begin to explain it.. How did it come about you ask? Well…

My very good friend is a facebook fan of Nanny Robina who as you may know is a parenting expert on many different shows including CityLine..Well Nanny Robina just happened to put out an open call for party designers for invitations and loot bags…this would all be a part of the birthday party segment that aired on Wednesday July 18th..

Having such a great friend she thought of my shop right away and forwarded the information to me.. You can only imagine how quickly I jumped at the opportunity and emailed our favorite nanny.. Knowing that many other great party designers would be sending their best work this opportunity was more like a shot in the dark…

Well that shot in the dark turned out to be my reality!!! Nanny Robina chose me to design, make and fill loot bags for 5 special little kids that would be appearing on the show!! ~insert happy dance~ Which a few of my neighbours witnessed me do in the middle of the street..

Loot Bags 1A

So this was a garden theme party with a focus on caterpillars… I was told it was to be gender neutral and luckily picked the right colour for the project…green! Thinking about how to represent yourself on tv is a scary thought.. So I went with what I know…personalizing everything and making fun designs for kids and parents.. I also knew that they wanted me to fill the loot bags so my usual small loot bags just wouldn’t do.. These bags are brand new and nice and big for lots of items.. Personalized with each child’s name printed on their loot bags..Nanny Robina was nice enough to share the children’s names with me that were appearing on the show..

Loot Bags 2

I also included gift tags for the loot bags that turned out perfectly and can be used for any event..

Gift Tags

Keeping with the garden theme I filled each bag with gardening fun tools and seeds for these party goers.. Each child received 2 bags of vegetable seeds to plant and grow at home.. I designed treat bag toppers to place each seed pack in the loot bag.. 2 gardening tools and a plastic a small watering can were in each bag.. And I couldn’t resist including some fruit flavored candies..

Treat Bag Toppers


If you are interested in any of the items you have seen on CityLine please just send me a message through my contact me page.. Cheers Everyone!

Superhero Party and Baby Shower sneak peeks….What I’ve been up to

I know it’s been a few days since my last post..Just haven’t found the time to sit down and write …But today I woke up and it was a priority..so here I am.. Thought I’d share with you  today what I’ve been up to this last week and a half…Believe me you will understand my absence when I’m done..

So about a week and a half ago I completed a party package for a baby shower..In a beautiful chevron pattern..which if you’ve read my blog before you know that I pretty much dream in chevron..this custom order included many things like water bottle labels, tent cards, banners and tissue pom flowers.. I promise I will do a proper write-up on the party soon..for now I will just tease you with some beautiful pictures

Chevron Banner 1

Paper Poms 1

This past weekend brought a very special celebration in our home..My little man turned 3!! Can’t believe how quickly time flies..wish it would just stop most days.. Next week I promise to not only provide some diy’s but I will also give this party a full review for all of you..So many pictures and fun to share with you…but for now another teaser of things to come…This party has soon become one of my favorites..and I got to really get my craft on!! Check out my little superhero in his personalized cape!!

superhero party cape

Superhero Party Tags

And Lastly.. I’ve been working on my daughter’s school fundraiser The Hansen Palooza!! This has actually been an ongoing project for months now but the event is this Friday and it’s been chaos as of late.. This is a brand new school and with limited funds we really are working hard to pull off a successful fun event for all.. My job? Well I’m running the photo booth!! Myself and a great friend of mine Helena have been hard at work planning this booth..how it will run, how we deliver the photo’s, what props will everyone use.. this is another post in the making with another diy for all of you.. Yesterday Helena introduced me to a tie dye technique for our backdrops which is in our school colours of yellow and blue..I will post a diy soon for all of you on how to create this…

tie dye backdrop photo 1

So that’s what I’ve been up to…Can’t wait to share more with all of you! Cheers!

Father’s Day Inspirations……….Wordless Wednesday

By: The Organized Housewife

By: Scrappy Betties

By: The Idea Room

By: Joy Is At Home


By: Joy Is At Home





Free Father’s Day Coupons!!! Tell Dad he’s out of this world!!

Well it’s that time of year again when we celebrate all things dad!! If you’re a crafty mama like me then no father’s day is complete without the kids getting involved in creating daddy’s gift..

So I thought I would help out all of you busy moms out there with a freebie for this special occasion that you can print at home and have the kids fill out.. It’s daddy coupon time!!! Why not get the kids to write out how they would like to help make dad’s life easier.. Take out the garbage, wash the car, fold the laundry, silent time…all great ideas to get you started..

Check out my free stuff page to download your father’s day coupon today..and enjoy!! You will receive 6 coupons in your download..

Father's Day Coupon

Balancing work life and family….and how I sometimes fail at it..

So another personal post for you great people today.. I remember when working in the corporate world the one thing they stressed to us was how important it was to balance work life and family.. Truth be told I found that much easier to balance when I worked for someone else.. When I came home from work it was not a usual thing for me to turn on my computer and work.. I made sure my weekends and evenings were for my family..

Running your own business especially when you work from home blurs those lines  because all three of those aspects of my life fall under the same roof.. And yes this is what I wanted and dreamed of for what seems like an eternity.. but what I have realized is it’s harder than it looks..

The shop is getting busier and as the saying goes when it rains it pours…As excited as I am that I’m getting more and more party packages sold.. I’m also finding that I’m not taking care of the other responsibilities in my life.. for example laundry…. I hate laundry and have been leaving that to the very last pair of clean underwear schedule for me and both the kids.. Honestly who has time to separate the whites from my colours… Not me that’s who..

My son as of late will tell me “No more working mommy” which sometimes kills me…but as I continue to work with him on my lap I am reminded why I am doing what I’m doing.. and who I’m doing all of this for..

I am doing this for my family and for me.. I am doing all of this to make something out of myself and to prove to my children that you can make a career out of doing something you love.. You can smile everyday and love life and work and make it work.. Yes it’s hard work but with everything you want in life you have to work for it.. If it came too easy would you appreciate it the same?

When I say I do it all on my own..that is also a far cry from the truth because my family helps me each and everyday in some way…My husband who takes the kids out of the house on a Saturday for a few hours so I can concentrate without a hungry mouth to feed or a bored child to stimulate.. And then there’s my brother who willingly offers to pick up ink at Henry’s for me when I need it.. Because my printer is a specialty photo printer and  you can’t pick up ink at your local Staples or Wal-Mart.. And even my daughter helps out by playing with her brother and helping to keep him occupied.. So yes it is a family affair and I couldn’t do any of this without them..

So the question that I think you’re all wondering is…. “Is it worth it??” and my answer is a resounding YES!!!!

With everyday that I receive a comment on my facebook page or a new follower right here on the blog my heart swells with happiness…now you can only imagine what a sale does for me… I still do a little happy dance for each and every sale I get…Weather it’s a $5.00 instant download or a $100.00 assemble and ship product.. I’m grateful and happy..

So if this is your dream too I say go for it…Take a chance!!! Teach your children that dreams can come true if you put your heart and soul into it.. Let them see that hard work and perseverance will get you through it..and with failure comes new possibilities..

So yes life is über busy and yes there are never enough minutes in the day to accomplish everything.. But I choose to continue to chug along and keep climbing this mountain..for the taste of success will be that much sweeter..

As for me today…I will continue to make it work and hopefully one day that balance of work life and family will all fall into place… As for now… it’s time to do that laundry….

Wordless Wednesday…… Party inspiration by others…

Blue Party Decor by: How Do It

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Just Ship It……Baby Shower Banner on the go… Behind the Scenes

Wondering what you can expect from  U Print Party Supplies when an item is printed and shipped to you? Well wonder no more and check out my behind the scenes look at what you can expect and count on from me…

Ship it Post 1

This particular order is being shipped to California and just happens to be one of my most popular banners for a baby shower.. This “Heaven Sent” banner is a beautiful damask and gingham print and is available at my shop on Etsy. This customer contacted me asked if I could print it and ship the banner to her.. Of course I can do that for any and everyone.. You just have to send me a message on Etsy or through my contact me page on this site..

Ship it Post 2

I take great care in every item I ship to ensure that it arrives to your door in perfect condition.. This particular banner has been printed on a Epson Photo Stylus printer, then cut by hand and hole punched. To keep the integrity of the banner I did ship the item flat which means that I did not string the banner with ribbon.. I did indeed supply enough ribbon in complementary colours for my customer to hang and decorate with accents..

Ship it Post 3

I greatly appreciate every and all sales that I make and try to convey that through different channels of my business.. Being an online shop it can be difficult to add that personal touch but not impossible..

Ship it Post 4

Ship it Post 5

This card was handmade by me with beautiful vintage paper and has been embossed by hand.. This is just one way that I let my customers know how much I appreciate them and I believe it is what sets me apart from the rest..

So my handwriting may not be up to par but you can’t deny that it is sure to make someone feel special when they open their package and find it.. In life it is the little things that count and I try to always pay extra attention to the details..

Ship it Post 6

So next time you make an order through my shop, know that I am there personally designing, printing, cutting and creating for you.. Making your experience at my shop a great one.. for you are not just a valued customer in my eyes you are a new friend…

Ship it Post 7

So go ahead and ship it! …..I promise to give you the same care and attention as this order received..