Superhero Capes made for a Superhero party… DIY Superhero Capes

So as you know my son had his 3rd birthday at the beginning of this summer and this was by far one of my favorite themes.. Not having the party at home posed some obstacles for really getting my theme out there.. So I had to make sure that my decorations and loot bags were packed with a superhero punch!!

How do you do that you ask? Well the main loot bag treat could only be one thing.. Superhero capes for each and every party goers…Including baby capes for our smallest guests..

Being that the head count for the party was in the upper 20’s I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to sit down and sew 26 capes.. So that is where I realized that making the capes out of fleece was my best bet.. Not only does it feel soft on the skin for even the most delicate skin..but fleece doesn’t fray!!! So that means no sewing!!!

So I started sourcing out fleece.. I knew that my size of my cape would be just around 20×28 inches.. But what I soon realized was buying fleece at the fabric stores was just too expensive for the project I had in mind.. and the amount of capes.. It was looking like it would cost close to $5.00 to complete each cape..and being that this was not the only item in the kids loot bag I just couldn’t spend that much..

That night my husband and I were walking through Wal-Mart doing our usual late night shopping and we just happened to walk by a stack of brightly coloured fleece blankets on sale for $5.00 each!!!

Superhero Party Capes 4 5x7

So I bought one blanket to take home for a test run.. What I realized is I could make 3 toddler capes in one blanket..and the best part was I had just enough to make 3 baby capes with the leftover material!! They had great strong bold colours for the capes also!!

The blankets had a great fringe around the border.. Which was what I used for the bottom of each cape..less work for me!! Just remember to cut the fringe off the sides of your capes also.. Cut each blanket in 3 panels measuring 20×28 inches  (doesn’t have to be exact) and your baby capes if you are making those..

Superhero Party Capes 5 5x7

Like I said earlier I was searching the blog world for templates to make my cape and I just happened to find this Template here at Serving Pink Lemonade  which worked out perfectly.. Just print and cut your template out..

Fold your fleece panel in half and place the template up against the fold and away from the fringe….Your fringe is for the bottom of your cape.. The template should be for the shoulders and neck of your cape..

Superhero Party Capes 6 5x7

Now cut along your template… You will love how the fleece doesn’t fray..

Superhero Party Capes 7 5x7

Superhero Party Capes 8 5x7

I used velcro tabs on each side of the strap to attach around the neck.. Make sure you use something that breaks away easily..or your cape will be a choking hazard..When placing your velcro make sure one tab is on the inside of the fleece and the next tab is on the outside.. This will ensure that your cape closes neatly and properly..

I used felt to personalize each cape.. I cut out 1 large circle for the back of the cape.. Cut out each child’s first initial and then one lightning bolt.. I did plan to use fabric glue for the project but ended up running out of time for that.. so hot glue worked perfectly!!

Superhero Party Capes 1 5x7

My Superhero capes for our smallest guests:

Superhero Party Capes 2 5x7

My son the model:

Superhero Party Capes 3 5x7

Some of the parents sent me some pictures of their kids at home with their superhero capes and masks I made for them..too cute..

Superhero Party Capes 10 5x7

Superhero Party Capes 11 5x7

So what are you waiting for? Go get some fleece and get your SUPERHERO ON!!

A Baby Shower story for a special little boy…

I was really lucky to receive a custom order for a very special customer who I just happen to know and love.. This baby shower was grand in every way.. Being held at a community centre due to the volume of people attending a home party would just not do.. So I was asked to come up with decorations  for this special occasion..

This order included 14 centerpieces, pennant banners, a large backdrop, special note cards and a personalized banner.. It was a big job but so worth it to see how beautiful the room looked and how much the guests and mommy to be enjoyed them.. Plus I got to make this order and get my craft on!! Love being able to provide options for everyone..and for those that don’t want to put decorations together I can always do that for you…

The Centerpieces were inspired by clothes hanging outside to dry.. The tissue paper poms in a beautiful crisp shade of green represented two trees and if you look closely you will see three onesies hanging on the line .. The base of the centerpieces are actually painted baby food jars which was a fun project that my daughter helped to make for the shower.. All together for 14 centerpieces there were 28 tissue paper poms and jars made to create the look..

Baby Shower Denise 1

Baby Shower Denise 2

Each table was scattered with cutout onesies..85 cut onesies for each guest to provide any advice or well wishes to the mommy of honor.. What a great idea for a keepsake of all your family and friends who attended the event.. Something mommy can keep forever..

Baby Shower Denise 3

The theme for this baby shower was blue, green and brown..a beautiful combination for a baby shower.. I used different patterns but kept the colours true for a very unique shower.. You will also see a strong presence of chevron to create a uniform look throughout the room.. Pennant banners flanked the buffet table and a beautiful chevron banner hung over the backdrop..

Baby Shower Denise 8

Baby Shower Denise 9

Baby Shower Denise 10

The backdrop consisted of three panels that had scattered flower pinwheels.. the large pinwheels required 3 sheets of 12×12 paper to make.. Mini it’s a boy stickers were placed in the middle of the pinwheels to finish the look.. All together they looked beautiful and what a great place for mommy to sit in her special chair and open her gifts.. The best part was she ended up taking her favorite panel home to hang in baby’s room..

Baby Shower Denise 4

Baby Shower Denise 5

Baby Shower Denise 6

Baby Shower Denise 7


You’re Invited!!!! New invitations for your party!!!

Hey Everyone just wanted to share some fantastic new Invitations in the shop.. Personalized just the way you like them.. You can add any decorations you like to match these new themes.. I would like to say that very soon there will be options for you to do that without having to send me a msg.. It’s on my things to do list.. Let’s just say that..

Again if you guys like anything you see..just click the picture and you will find my online listing in my shop on Etsy..

Mickey Mouse Invite 5x7

Minnie Mouse Party Invite 5x7 2

Minnie Mouse Party Invite 5x7

Floral Baby Shower Invite 5x7

Happy shopping everyone! Cheers!

Shopping Spree!!! Let the celebrating begin….New Items for everyone!

So there have been a ton of new items that have been listed in the shop this past week…I’m trying to get items that have been custom orders up and for sale.. Including my items that were featured on CityLine!!

So take a peek below and see what inspires you for your next party, get together, shower or some good old craft fun.. If you want to see the listing for the item in my shop then just click the picture you want to see and a new tab will open where you can view the listing..

Gift Tags

Superhero Party Water Bottle Labels 1 5x7

Superhero Party Happy birthday banner 1

Superhero Party Tags

Blue and pink chevron baby shower banner 1

Chevron Cupcake Toppers 1

Chevron Cupcake Toppers 4

green and white polka dot owl invite

Happy shopping! Cheers!

A Superhero Party ….KAPOW!!

A Superhero party seemed like the only choice I had for my little man Justin’s 3rd birthday party.. He loves all things superheroes!! If you put an iron man costume on him he transforms into another person…a little man packed with a superhero alter ego..

What I didn’t want for his party this year was a home party..being that most of his guest were around his age I thought it would be too hard to throw a party at home with activities where the guests have an attention span of well a 3-year-old… So we decided that holding the party at a kids play place would be the best idea..where they could run free and move from activity to activity at their own pace ….

We ended up having the party at a great place close to home Kids at Sea was the perfect choice!! If you live in the York Region area of Ontario I highly suggest you check it out…Great atmosphere and so much to do…Including an indoor swing set that my 11 year old loved!! My son’s favorite was the massive pirate ship the kids climbed up only to go down by a huge slide!!

Superhero Party Pics 1 5x7

Of course I wanted to have decorations hanging everywhere… but having a party at a venue also means following their rules.. So I had the party room that I could decorate and it just so happened that with our package they also included balloons, plates, napkins and other items in different to go with our superhero theme we took the Avengers package..which couldn’t have worked out better..

I knew I had little time to decorate and wanted to make sure my theme was out in the open for everyone to see… So I had to choose my decorations wisely…

This birthday banner was a great addition to the party!! Colours screaming superhero with each letter cut into its own shield..

Superhero Party Centerpiece 2 5x7

Superhero Party Centerpiece 1 5x7

I knew that the main activities happening in the party room would be eating pizza and who can forget the cake.. So having these amazing centerpieces on the table where all the kids were gathered provided just the right effect..I also made sure that the centerpiece was visible and interesting from the front and the back… This will be listed soon in the shop..

I also knew that my guests would have a super big thirst after all that playing including the parents who ran around after their kids for an hour..So creating these superhero water bottle labels was enjoyed by all..

Superhero Party Water Bottle Labels 1 5x7

Superhero Party Water Bottle Labels 2 5x7

Superhero Party Water Bottle Labels 3 5x7

I have to share the back of the labels with you which include the nutritional information of the labels…honestly it’s my favorite part..

Superhero Party Water Bottle Labels 4 5x7

Now this brings me to Loot Bags…Being that I couldn’t go crazy with too many decorations at the event I wanted to make sure that the kids loot bags were packed with fun printables..All together there were 26 loot bags made for each kid…Yup I know that’s way too many kids!!

Superhero Party Gift Bags and tags 5x7

Gift tags were tied to each loot bag adding the superhero touch..They included.. Iron Man, Superman, Batman, Thor, Captain America, Spider Man, Wolverine, Super Girl and Black Widow..

Superhero Party Tags 5x7

Superhero Party Tags 2 5x7

So what went in the loot bags you ask?? Along with some great dollar store finds of superhero erasers, pencils, finger lights, stickers and lots of other great items to match the theme.. I wanted to include some printables for each child.. So I designed 6 Superhero masks.. each child received one of the masks in their loot bags… These are sold in my shop as a pack..which are great for a party or for role-playing..

superhero party masks 1

I also had the grand idea that every party goer needed to have their very own personalized cape.. Including baby capes for the little folks..Each cape was personalized with their first initial of their name and a lightning bolt!! Yes it took forever..yes my hands swelled every night from cutting fleece…But oh so worth it!!!! The kids absolutely loved them..and from what I hear they continue to play with them.. I promise a diy will be coming soon if you would like to make your own capes..

Superhero Party Capes 1 5x7

Superhero Party Capes 2 5x7

Superhero Party Capes 3 5x7

So that sums up my how to decorate for a Superhero party!!! But I couldn’t leave you without some party pics of my little superhero!! If you would like a superhero pack of party printables just send me a msg.. Cheers!

Superhero Party Pics 2 5x7

Superhero Party Pics 3 5x7

Featured On CityLine….Loot bags and more

I really had a dream come true yesterday!! Seeing my work on national television..Excited doesn’t even begin to explain it.. How did it come about you ask? Well…

My very good friend is a facebook fan of Nanny Robina who as you may know is a parenting expert on many different shows including CityLine..Well Nanny Robina just happened to put out an open call for party designers for invitations and loot bags…this would all be a part of the birthday party segment that aired on Wednesday July 18th..

Having such a great friend she thought of my shop right away and forwarded the information to me.. You can only imagine how quickly I jumped at the opportunity and emailed our favorite nanny.. Knowing that many other great party designers would be sending their best work this opportunity was more like a shot in the dark…

Well that shot in the dark turned out to be my reality!!! Nanny Robina chose me to design, make and fill loot bags for 5 special little kids that would be appearing on the show!! ~insert happy dance~ Which a few of my neighbours witnessed me do in the middle of the street..

Loot Bags 1A

So this was a garden theme party with a focus on caterpillars… I was told it was to be gender neutral and luckily picked the right colour for the project…green! Thinking about how to represent yourself on tv is a scary thought.. So I went with what I know…personalizing everything and making fun designs for kids and parents.. I also knew that they wanted me to fill the loot bags so my usual small loot bags just wouldn’t do.. These bags are brand new and nice and big for lots of items.. Personalized with each child’s name printed on their loot bags..Nanny Robina was nice enough to share the children’s names with me that were appearing on the show..

Loot Bags 2

I also included gift tags for the loot bags that turned out perfectly and can be used for any event..

Gift Tags

Keeping with the garden theme I filled each bag with gardening fun tools and seeds for these party goers.. Each child received 2 bags of vegetable seeds to plant and grow at home.. I designed treat bag toppers to place each seed pack in the loot bag.. 2 gardening tools and a plastic a small watering can were in each bag.. And I couldn’t resist including some fruit flavored candies..

Treat Bag Toppers


If you are interested in any of the items you have seen on CityLine please just send me a message through my contact me page.. Cheers Everyone!

Superhero Party and Baby Shower sneak peeks….What I’ve been up to

I know it’s been a few days since my last post..Just haven’t found the time to sit down and write …But today I woke up and it was a here I am.. Thought I’d share with you  today what I’ve been up to this last week and a half…Believe me you will understand my absence when I’m done..

So about a week and a half ago I completed a party package for a baby shower..In a beautiful chevron pattern..which if you’ve read my blog before you know that I pretty much dream in chevron..this custom order included many things like water bottle labels, tent cards, banners and tissue pom flowers.. I promise I will do a proper write-up on the party soon..for now I will just tease you with some beautiful pictures

Chevron Banner 1

Paper Poms 1

This past weekend brought a very special celebration in our home..My little man turned 3!! Can’t believe how quickly time flies..wish it would just stop most days.. Next week I promise to not only provide some diy’s but I will also give this party a full review for all of you..So many pictures and fun to share with you…but for now another teaser of things to come…This party has soon become one of my favorites..and I got to really get my craft on!! Check out my little superhero in his personalized cape!!

superhero party cape

Superhero Party Tags

And Lastly.. I’ve been working on my daughter’s school fundraiser The Hansen Palooza!! This has actually been an ongoing project for months now but the event is this Friday and it’s been chaos as of late.. This is a brand new school and with limited funds we really are working hard to pull off a successful fun event for all.. My job? Well I’m running the photo booth!! Myself and a great friend of mine Helena have been hard at work planning this it will run, how we deliver the photo’s, what props will everyone use.. this is another post in the making with another diy for all of you.. Yesterday Helena introduced me to a tie dye technique for our backdrops which is in our school colours of yellow and blue..I will post a diy soon for all of you on how to create this…

tie dye backdrop photo 1

So that’s what I’ve been up to…Can’t wait to share more with all of you! Cheers!