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My boy is heaven sent…..

baby blue boy baby shower cupcake toppers 1

My kids are 9 years apart…I know that sounds like they’re too far apart to be close, but in our family it can’t be farther from the truth. My oldest Tayah is 11 going on 16 most days, she was the child I always knew I wanted. When I was a little girl I would sit back and imagine having a little girl who I could put pretty dresses on and do her hair in braids and she was all of that for me in her younger days.. When I found out I was pregnant 9 years later with a boy it was a different kind of feeling. I was excited to be having a boy, one of each..the dream.. I knew he’d be my little man, but I truly never realized how much I always wanted him until he arrived..

Justin came with all kinds of surprises throughout my pregnancy which ultimately led to bed rest for about 7.5 months of my pregnancy. Already the differences between the two were prevelant.  Causing trouble from the beginning. Being so caught up with a high risk pregnancy I didn’t allow myself to really think about life with him, being too afraid that I could lose him or jinx his health in some weird way..crazy I know….

Then he arrived, and he was beautiful, healthy and perfect in every way..even his little hairy back… He was my little man from the very beginning.. holding his own head up within the 2nd week of life…by 8 weeks he could hold his weight with his legs while I helped of course..and by 8 months he walked.. He is now 2 and is ever growing and amazing me. He is so funny and witty for being 2 and he is just such a boy!!!  As a pretty girly girl I couldn’t have imagined playing those boy games…but I love it!!! Cars, trucks, dinosaurs bring them on!!!

So when I started thinking about designing a baby shower theme for boys…well I thought of my boy and I’m sure all of you moms out there will agree..only one theme came to mind…Heaven Sent!!!!

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